• Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment
  • Treatment of emissions
  • Reduction in printing waste by distillation
  • Treatment of all waste by approved facilities
  • Environmental diagnostics
  • Promotion of the use of exchange pallets
  • Reduction in energy expenditure via calorie retrieval from our process (to heat the premises)
  • Anti-VOC treatment


  • Carbon accounting and/or Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Workstation adaptation for the disabled  

At the cutting edge of sustainable development 

Janson Capsules is currently the only capsule manufacturer in the world to have treated its French production sites with the TITAN EFFECT process.

WHAT IS TITAN EFFECT? Titan Effect is a revolutionary surface finishing technology which destroys solvent fumes. It is based on the principle of photocatalysis using active titanium dioxide. In the presence of light, oxygen radicals are activated in order to decompose the organic compounds (VOC), molecules and particles of dirt.


The Titan Effect process is part of the Janson Capsules procedure guaranteeing all the company’s employees a healthy environment and working conditions that respect their health and well-being.