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Our printing principle is rotogravure, with, depending
on the colours requested:

  • Direct printing
  • Negative printing


Engraving parameters 
Depending on the decoration required, the engraving parameters
are studied according to the size of the lines:

  • line
  • stylus
  • dots
  • diagonal

NB: the line thickness must be at least 0.25 mm in order
to guarantee a good quality print.

Manufacturing principle: gilding

The marking is achieved using the hot stamping technique

Several colours available

Possible line thickness: 0.18 mm

The gilding is done with milling tools, so we have to allow for a fairly large interval between the decorative items.

Manufacturing principle (direct printing, reserve printing, hot stamping of the top and skirt)

Marking of the decorative items by pressure on the aluminium

Preparation of your files File types required to start up creations: unlocked AI, EPS, PDF HD files

Graphic creation for your decorations It is possible to create decorations from a photo, an engraving reproduction, or label items (coat of arms, logo…).