• Our PVC (heat shrink) capsules: a lower cost alternative, without sacrifcing the quality and appearance of your packaging.
  • Our Polylam capsules: a lightweight aluminimum capsule that gives the rich look of tin, without the high cost.
  • Screw Caps 30 x 60: the standard for your packaging


Janson Capsules is a key player in the Wine and Spirit industries specialized in manufacturing and decorating capsules and screwcaps, also known as secondary closures, to enhance the marketing and branding of wine bottles, as well as to provide tamper evidence. With more than twenty years' experience in wine capsule manufacturing and marketing, Janson Capsules is the third largest custom manufacturer in Europe with three manufacturing plants.

Our custom wine and spirit bottle capsules are offered in both PVC and Polylam varieties. Each of our materials is available in a range of colors and can be customized with the design of your choice. For elegant, unique wine bottle capsules, use the finest manufacturer in the U.S., Janson Capsules.

In addition to its extensive experience in capsule production, Janson Capsules has in depth knowledge of the worldwide wine growing and bottling industries and is available to provide advice on wine and spirit packaging.

In 2015, the company has moved its plant from Alabama to Napa, California to consolidate its machinery, warehouse and sales office. Our steadily growing company with increased production capabilities, sets the pace for a new dynamic, focused on an expanding and evolving range of products and services. With increasing sales and a strengthened sales and customer service support team in Napa, California, we offer a higher level of service to meet and anticipate any needs you may have.

Partnering your creativity and imagination with our technical knowledge and capabilities, allows us to provide you with what we do best: sharing creativity that has no boundaries.

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